Indoor camping

Pretend you’re camping under the stars with all the fun of a camping trip but without the cold weather, and uncomfortable sleep, plus you get your own toilet! 

If you’ve ever started a task and almost instantly regretted it? That was me at 8.30am faced with a huge tent, an attention starved Jacob, and a clingy Finley.

Let me rewind and tell you the story of how we came to own an overpriced tent! Back when we had a ridiculous heatwave a couple of weeks ago we bought an air-con unit that came in a huge box – perfect for a house! Sadly, during a superhero fight, the house was destroyed and Jacob was devastated. Rather than build another den out of cardboard we decided to get a tent we could use instead (at a huge cost of £65 – never send your husband out to get something that should be £20)!

Back to today, I decided I would put some of our craft supplies and our new tent to good use by having a camp out in the living room with a fake fire, some camp stories and a sing-along.

If you’re looking for some campfire stories, this is a great resource for campfire stories you can read to your little one. you can read from your phone, print the story out, or use the outline they provide to memorise the story. 

You’ll have to bear with the slightly dodgy photos, it was very dark in the tent and my iPhone didn’t cope well.


How long will it take

The only thing that took longer than 30 minutes was building the tent! 

Once the campfire is built you can spend the rest of the day enjoying a picnic, playing games, reading a story, or watching a film (if you put the door in front of the TV like we did!)


How easy is it to create indoor camping?

4/10 (9/10 if you’re capable of building a tent in less than 6 hours! 

Making the campfire was really easy, just a lot of cutting and sticking.


What are the learning benefits

The use of scissors and glue along with scrunching the paper has many learning benefits for toddlers or young children, including;

  • Strengthened hand muscles
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills

It can also help with focus and attention, I found this to be true with Jacob, it had a very calming effect on him and he was able to focus on cutting. If we hadn’t run out of the coloured card I think he could have sat and cut it into tiny triangles all day.

If you’re looking for another craft activity that develops the same skills check out when we made monster masks. 

What materials will you need for an indoor campout?


  • 2 x red card
  • 2 x orange card
  • 2 x yellow card
  • Brown or baking paper
  • 3 x empty toilet rolls (you could use full ones but it’s a bit of a waste and I’m not sure how much they’d look like campfire logs)!


  • Scissors (I have a pair and we have some child friendly scissors for Jacob)
  • Pritt stick (or other type of glue)




  • Scrunch the brown/baking paper and rip it into smaller pieces
  • Cut 3 flame shapes out of each of the different coloured cards
  • Cut the other 3 coloured cards in to smaller shards (think embers)
  • Stick the scrunched brown paper to the empty toilet rolls, not too tightly so you still get a bit of the scrunch for texture.
  • Finally, stick the coloured card together to make the 3 flames and you’re done!


If you have your own indoor camping trip let me know how it goes in the comments below, or tag us @the_family_feed on Instagram.

If you’re interested in growing your craft supplies I’ll include some of our staples below. You can get all of these for less than £25. 






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