Great for families plant based meal plan

What’s harder than feeding yourself? Feeding a family … They’re opinionated, fussy and brutally honest!

This meal plan includes meals that are so cheap, easy, quick, and delicious that any family will enjoy them. 


Mixed plant based Meal Plan

maybe you’re a beginner on your plant based journey and you’re unsure what to eat. Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran stuck in a rut and you need some delicious inspiration. 

This meal plan includes A mix of meal inspiration from all of our meal plans plus some tasty additions.

cheap and easy plant based meal plan

chances are if you have kids and are running a family home then you’re busy and have no money!

This meal plan includes meals that won’t break the bank and can be made quickly or meal prepped when you’re in a rush.


i love cooking plant based Meal Plan

Everyone loves eating and if you have a well stocked spice rack and herb selection then you probably love cooking too.

this meal plan includes meals that involve a little more (and i mean a little – i’m no chef!) interest and skill in the kitchen

high protein plant based meal plan

protein shakes are boring so shake it up a bit, add some delicious meals and snacks to put that protein powder and high protein ingredients to good use! 

this meal plan includes meals that are higher in protein for those who are working out. everyday in this meal plan gives you at least 150g protein.

meat replacement plant based Meal Plan

if you’re eating plant based for health or ethical reasons you probably don’t hate the taste or texture of meat – you just want to be healthy and hate the thought of animals suffering for your food. 

this meal plan includes meals that involve meat replacements (vegan burgers, sausages, mince and chicken)

low calorie based plant based meal plan

let me make this clear – you will not automatically lose weight on a vegan diet! There is vegan junk food and there is heavily processed vegan food.

This meal plan includes meals that are 500 calories or less for massive portions of food that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

great for sharing plant based Meal Plan

there is something special about a house or garden full of friends and family – chatting, laughing and eating. what better to bring people together than food? 

this meal plan includes recipes that are perfect for sharing – even with your meat eating friends