plant based lunch ideas


Here I share all of my favourite plant-based lunch ideas for simple, easy and delicious plant-based recipe inspiration! 

Falafel Sandwich

falafel sandwhich

Is there anything more simple or delicious than a sandwich for lunch?

My all-time favourite has to be this falafel sandwich with mango chutney, plant-based mayo and lettuce. 

Hummus and Pepper Bagel


There is something really special about hummus and peppers that makes this such a delicious lunch. 

I cook the peppers in a pan with no oil. It’s really quick, keeps the calories low and clean up is really easy. 

Mushroom and Tomato Toast

lunch ideas

Top off some toast with sliced mushroom and plum tomatoes, what could be simpler than that!

Just roughly slice the mushrooms and tomatoes, then cook them off in a pan. You don’t need to use any oil in the pan as both the mushrooms and tomatoes release liquid when they cook. 

English Breakfast


Everyone knows that breakfast can be eaten at any time of the day, in fact, it maybe even tastes better at lunch or dinner time.

The good news is you can still have these on a plant-based diet. 

You can even make plant-based bacon or tofu scrambled eggs but these take a bit more work and I wanted this to be a quick and easy lunch with minimal ingredients. 



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